Hermes NG for Windows 10


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Hermes is a scalable system that allows you to work both on the same position as in computer networks - local and wide. Clear and friendly software interface makes working with the system is easy for both the advanced user and the novice. The Hermes system includes a plurality of modules, one of which is HermesNG supporting activities of companies handlowych.Podstawowe program features are: * Registry of goods, services and packages * unique opportunity to create their own features accounts of stock * inventory control * wielomagazynowość * document production and income expense (freely definable by the user) - internal and external * extensive records of orders (both from customers and suppliers) - cooperation with HermesemB2B (orders from wholesale partners via the Internet) as well as with mobile systems * definable documents look inwards and outwards * cooperation with bar code reader, printer registers * collaboration with mobile devices * running * control cash settlements with contractors (suppliers, customers) * number of studies incomes, expenditures, margin and settlement payments * Cost of goods sold * transfer data on sales and earnings for SkarbnikaNG * collecting data from SkarbnikaNG of payments * the ability to build their own analysis * Export any statements to Excel * Ability to work in a distributed network (the Internet) Note: All products Sirius Sp. z oo in the demo version the default password is the entry for the word Winnie the user ADMIN.